Natural Hair Dilemma...

Why does my hair have three different textures???

The top of my hair has a very loose curl pattern. The front-left side of my hair is little loose and always looks damn near straight on the ends. And the front-right and back of my hair is coily. I prefer the latter. But blending it all in makes it a styling nightmare. 

It's not heat damage. This loose texture is from root to tip. It's just the way my hair grows. It's so bad that I have to put a rod on the braid in the front of my hair because it barely curls on the end.

I haven't been rodding the left side because the right side curls with no problem and I have a dilemma in my head where I have to do for the right side of my body whatever I do for the left and vice versa. 
Kind of like how you can't wash one hand without washing the other. 

I've done some research but Youtube videos and forums suggest curly gals to twist the hair around your fingers. Let me tell you, that doesn't work! It only makes it worse! 

I was thinking about cutting the left side so that appears to be the same length as the right side.  But when my hair is stretched they are the same exact length.

I know I can't be the only one out there with a variety of hair textures!! 
Left side - look at those straight ends!
Right side - hair love!
Back of my hair - *drool* (if only all my hair looked like this!)


  1. Even though I am transitioning to natural hair (1.5 years), I've noticed that the natural hair growing in has the same problem. The hair in the back of my head is pretty much straight with a slight wave, the middle sections on the right and left side are straight but cottony and the top of both sides is wavy. I havent used heat since the week after my last relaxer so I'm not sure why the back is so straight. it may look differently once I cut off those relaxed ends but im not sure. Right now I just style my hair in bantu knot outs and two flat twist into a bun so know one else can see the textures.

    1. Arghhh...the lengths we have to go through when we have mixed textures. I definitely find that using styles that manipulate the texture of my hair helps to "blend" the various textures on my head. :0)

  2. Love the natural curls with the perfect care and makes look more gorgeous, glad to find a wig like such.

  3. Love this post! My hair is two textures, but I find that conditioning it really well helps the textures unite for about a week and a half, then my curls do what they want after that lol!

    Morgan Ashley

  4. LOL, my hair is similar. And I do cut my left side (the straighter side) about and inch or so shorter than the left. Which would be a bad idea, if it weren't for the fact that that side retains length better, so it catches up with the other within a month or so.

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  6. My hair also has different textures. The very front of my hair is frizzy, rather than curly. I always have to manipulate it (i.e. twisting it out) to get it to match the rest of my hair. Great post! Your hair is gorgeous!


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  11. Do you use henna? Could contribute to loss of curl patten