Grub Saving Tips for Frugalistas

via GrubFindr

It’s not an easy task for college students to stay on budget when grocery shopping eats up a major part. Being resourceful and creative are key to saving money on groceries allowing students to have money for other things they want and need.

College students have hectic schedules but they still have to eat. By using their time resourcefully they can in turn spend wisely. One of the best tips is to always be on the lookout for items that are on sale at the local supermarkets and drugstores to see who has the best deals. But for the time strapped student, flipping through a stack of weekly circulars or trying to compare deals from numerous websites is not very appealing. Using an online resource like GrubFindr literally brings students’ fingertips to the deals, and offers a one stop shop to help students find deals on the items they want from their favorite local stores. By typing in their Zip Code they can quickly begin to browse and compare deals whether it’s for peanut butter, pasta, cereal, cheese, soda, etc.

Here are several additional grub saving tips to help keep coin in students pockets:

Busy Weeknight Time Saver
Buy the larger packs of ground beef when on sale, then when you get home cook it all and freeze in two-cup packages. This saves space in the freezer and time on a busy weeknight!

Use Cash
Take out your grocery budget money in cash. Keep track of your expenses as you shop by writing them down as you go and using a calculator. When you've reached your cash limit, you're done.

Just One Hour Per Week
Take an hour a week and plan your menu for the week. Try to plan your menu according to what is on sale that week in your local grocery stores. Investing just one hour a week to plan ahead will save you the hassle of wondering what to make for dinner.

Dollar Store Cleaning Products
Purchase all your cleaning products at your local dollar store. The savings add up quickly. Keeps more of your grocery dollar for actual food.

Shop Off Peak Hours
Shop grocery stores open 24 hours at off peak hours, such as before 8am and after 8pm. Not only are the lines shorter, but often times, you can find great mark downs in the deli case, produce, meat, and dairy aisle.

Day Old Bakery
Check to see if your store has a day old bakery markdown rack. You can buy breads and rolls, breakfast items and sometimes dessert items for 30-50% off.

Milk Freezes Great!
Milk freezes great! Stock up when it's on sale; pour some off into another container (like a two-quart jug) and freeze what's left. This can save a lot of money.

(GrubFindr is an app to help US college students save money on groceries quickly and socially. GrubFindr was inspired by Grocery Server's destination site " MyGroceryDeals.com"  , which has been called “the ‘Google’ in local grocery shopping and budget-minded meal planning”, and provides consumers with easy-to-access tools to save money on groceries.)


  1. College students want to have fun. They want to enjoy life up to the maximum limit. They hardly have time to check out the deals for saving money. They find it boring to go through the weekly circulars. They’re too busy with their parties and studies.

    There is no doubt that these financial tips are good. However, I have a doubt as to how many students will actually follow the tips. I’ll be happy if college students take these tips seriously and use them in their life. It will help to make their life easy and stress free. Its time college students change their attitude towards life and finances.

  2. Although I'm no longer in college.. I'm going to attempt to use GrubFindr. I wrote some tips on how to save at the grocery store on my blog as well, do check it out.. hopefully the tips can help someone: http://www.partyoverhair.com/cutting-cost-on-groceries/


  3. I had never heard of GrubFindr, but I will definitely have to try it out! You also give some great tips! I always use cash when grocery shopping otherwise I would be buying ice cream all the time, not only does it save me money it helps me be healthier. Thanks for sharing!