Fabulous Feature: Bianca of Avant Blargh

Introduce yourself.
Hi I'm Bianca deBardelaben, I'm a professional graphic designer & blogger from Chicago! I love things that are ugly and weird, things that feel grandma but also gamine. I've been a good trend follower, I always have to dance to my own beat.

Tell us about your hair: Did you transition? If so, what do you wish you knew before you went natural?
Well I've been natural since before natural was "a thing" and was constantly teased for it growing up. Kids hated my hair and so gave into the pressures of straightening it. I wish I knew that if I left my hair alone I would have really long amazing her now. But alas by the time I went off to college I asked for my mom to give me a full relaxer and my hair was gone. After a few short bobs cuts later of transitioning, I'm back to my natural state! 

What's your current hair regimen (products too, please!) 
I'm lazy, and a wash and go girl. I do have dermatitis, so washing once a week is not an option. I was nearly 2-3xs a week. I use natural bar soaps you can find at your local health food store that are meant for shampoos and conditioners. I also use Dr. Bronner's tea tree shampoo when I feel like I have a lot of build up. And neem bar soap is really good for the dermatitis. (which I rub directly unto my scalp.) I also use tresammes natural conditioner line & shea moisture's deep conditioner.

When my hair is soaking wet, I apply mixed chicks leave in and towel dry with an old tshirt to prevent frizz, dryness and breakage that an ordinary towel can give. Then I let it air dry! So simple! 

You call yourself an "unconventional fashion blogger,"( and I love your blog, Avant Blargh.) What's the story behind that?
I've never been much of a trend follower, whenever I feel like I do exactly what everyone else is doing I don't feel like myself. I love to pull inspiration from modern fashion, but I'll never look cookie cutter. I also have to consider for dressing for my shape. What may look great on a runway model may not look so great on me. Plus, I also am very inspired by things not so fashion related, like movies and music. I want to dress in the way a music makes me feel, not how all the tumblr girls tell me too. You'll never see me in demin cut offs....ever.

I know you do a lot of thrifting and vintage shopping...what advice would you give for other ladies trying to stay fabulous on a budget?
BUDGET, no seriously, have a written budget. Want to know where your money goes, write it down. Keep it sassy by having a little moleskin so you can be chic and financially smart. And really know whats in your closet, are buying thing on sale just to have the thrill? A bunch of irregular forever21 clothes you bought on shopping trips with your friends? Put an end to that. Try to limit yourself to 2-4 treats a month. Focus on classic pieces that will last you years. Or save for that one trendy piece, but like in writing, don't waste your time on fluff. Just because its on sale or inexpensive does not qualify the need for it.

Anything else?
In everything you do, have goals for yourself so you can see the progress unfold before your very eyes!

Where else can we find you?!
my blog: avantblargh.blogspot.com 

tumblr: avantblargh.tumblr.com 
twitter: @avecbianca 



  1. I love all of her high waist slacks!! That is sooo my uniform! Thanks for the post on her dashes to her blog now....

  2. Hmmm sometimes people try so hard to be different it is no longer unique. Nice hair though!

  3. ^^ well not everyone has to love me ;), thanks for the feature!

  4. I think her style is dope & unique! Rock on chica!